Should I Create a Facebook Page for my Business?

Does my Business Need a Facebook Page?  

Consider these 5 questions first.

When launching a new company, most business owners consider Facebook as one of the most important social platforms to join.

While Facebook by far has the largest reach and most users worldwide, it’s not always the best choice of social media platform to invest in for your company.

There are many factors to consider, and it is now harder than ever for your page appear in the newsfeed without paying for Facebook Ads (a new algorithm was released earlier this year that now displays less and less content from company pages and more content from relevant personal contacts).

As social media takes a lot of time, effort, and money in order to achieve results, consider these 5 key questions first before deciding to create a Facebook Page for your Business!

1. Are you Running a Local Business? Then you Should Create a Facebook Business Page.


Do you have a local restaurant? How about a spa, auto repair business, or foreign language school?



The examples of local businesses are endless, and if you have one it definitely should be on Facebook.


If you choose to invest in low-budget Facebook advertisements down the road (stay tuned for my post about low-budget Facebook ads next week) then you have a huge advantage to target the right people really strategically.


You will already have your entire potential customer base within a very small radius and this will allow you to not spend too much on ads and still get very targeted results.


Also, if you are running a local business, then you probably already have people in your community on your personal Facebook page. You can invite them to like your page to see your updates and ask them to invite some of their friends to like the page too. 


Your page may grow to have between 500-1000 likes after a few weeks of posting and asking people to like your page, and while this number may not seem super high, these will be very targeted likes from people who will really engage with your content.


Lastly, it is really important to have a Facebook page if you have a local business because customers love to leave reviews on Facebook and read past customer opinions. They can also do this on Google and Tripadvisor, but as Facebook is so widely used it is important to be there for reviews and feedback (especially if you are a restaurant!).


2. Are you just Starting Out and are Low-Budget in regards to your Social Media Efforts?

Then Maybe you Should Launch a Facebook Business Page.


If you are just starting your business and do not have a lot of time, money, or resources to dedicate to social media, then there are a few things to consider before creating a Facebook Business Page.


As the new Facebook algorithm makes it harder than ever for potential customers to see your posts if you do not pay to promote them, this means that you will have to post more often than ever in order to get more Facebook users to see your posts.


In the past, a small business would only have to post once a week to drive some substantial traction to their page - however, this has changed. I recommend a minimum of 1-2 posts per day in order to give users the opportunity to really see your posts.


It takes a lot of time and effort to build relevant content. You have a few options here - you can do it yourself if you have the time, hire a social media manager internally for your team, or contact me or another specialist in the start-up and small business digital marketing area to do it for you. 


Sometimes it seems like social media is an “easy” task because almost everyone we know uses it on a daily basis; nevertheless, when it is time to create strategic and relevant content from a business perspective, you must invest with a purpose or there will be no long-term return.



If you do not have the time and/or money to dedicate to posting frequently, do not open up your Facebook page until you have the resources to properly maintain it!


Another thing to consider here when I ask if your business is “low-budget” is in regards to Facebook ads. If you really want to expand your customer reach and find new clients, you will have to pay. Even small Facebook Ad budgets can drive results (when I say small budgets, I mean $50-$500 per month). 


Perhaps your business is not ready to allocate that amount to ads yet - in that case, maybe wait to open up your Facebook page at a later stage. Another option is to start posting frequently now to build a significant following and start running ads a few months down the road.


You can make Facebook ads on your own, but hiring a digital marketing specialist will ensure that very strategic targeting is really making your money stretch as far as it possibly can.


3. Is your Target Audience on Facebook more than on other Social Media Platforms? Then you Should Launch a Facebook Business Page.


One of the first steps for every new business venture is to define a target audience.


Most businesses will have at least part of their target audience present on Facebook.


The key question to consider here is the following: is your target audience using Facebook more than another social media app?


For example, if you are targeting 18-29-year-olds, Instagram has higher engagement rates than Facebook.


That doesn’t mean you cannot target this age group on Facebook as well, but maybe your resources would be better spent on Instagram. It also depends on how much time and money you have available to dedicate to social media - perhaps your resources will allow you the space to invest in both platforms. 


Facebook has the most users, but that does not necessarily mean that all of those users are super active. This Chart from Sprout Social shows the huge reach that Facebook has - roughly 79% of internet users log into Facebook on a regular basis. 



Older demographics are also more active on Facebook than on Instagram. I also previously wrote a post about Twitter and the demographics of their social platform

Take all of this information into consideration before deciding which social platforms to launch.


4. Are you a B2B Company? Then you Should be on Facebook.


I constantly hear clients say, “but I am running a B2B company, why do I have to make a Facebook page?” 



The answer is because those B2B clients are still on Facebook in their personal lives, and just because they are using Facebook for personal use does not mean that they are not open to business opportunities!


There is also less competition for B2B companies on Facebook, giving your page an advantage. 


You can also target potential B2B clients with Ads if you have the budget. 


Lastly but most importantly, when you have your Facebook Business Page, you are able to “monitor” other pages. You can follow your competitors and see what they are doing in a fast and easy way. Facebook will even tell you how many new likes, interactions, and posts they are producing each week. As there are less B2B companies on Facebook, you can easily monitor the ones that are doing things well and analyze what is going on in your industry.


5. Are you a Solo-Preneur? Then your Personal Facebook Page will most likely be Enough, and you Should Not Open a Business Page.


I personally do not have a Facebook Business Page for my digital marketing business. I often receive or send leads through Facebook Groups, but did not have to create a business page to boost my credibility.



This is also true in general for others who are offering solo digital services - for example, there are many business coaches on Facebook who do a great job of boosting their interactions, potential customer base, and feedback just through their personal pages.


Nevertheless, if you would also like to add a professional page, it is an added benefit but not obligatory. As always, make sure that if you add a professional page, you are constantly filling it with lots of relevant content!


In conclusion, there are many questions to consider before creating a Facebook Business Page.


Make sure that you have the time and resources necessary to dedicate to building relevant Facebook content before launching your Business Page.


B2B and B2C companies alike can benefit from being on Facebook. 


Most target audiences are on Facebook, but it is important to consider if those target audiences are using Facebook as their main social media platform or if they are interacting with other platforms more than this one.


Stay tuned next week for my post about how to create low-budget yet successful Facebook Ads. Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free 30-minute consultation call if you are interested in learning more about outsourcing your social media marketing efforts to me and my team!