Everything You Need To Know About IGTV

The best time to launch any new social media feature or tool is when it is still new.


Be an early adopter and see results at a faster rate.


Take a look at the countless brands that started on Instagram years ago when the platform first launched and most users were still posting pics about lunch (remember those?) -- the brands that invested well in content then are hugely successful now.


IGTV just launched about a month ago -- meaning that now is the best time to launch your channel and start creating valuable content for your followers.



DJS AND MUSICIANS - Look at @steveaoki's IGTV channel and it is no wonder that IGTV is a great resource for anyone in the music industry. Live concert replays are just one of the countless content examples to reach a targeted audience and provide followers with content they really want to see.



FASHION - A key example is @Gucci, as they are replaying their fashion shows on their IGTV channel. What a perfect platform to do so, as the runways definitely fit the vertical format!



NEWS PLATFORMS - Search @CNN or @BBC and you will find great news clips and updates! What a simple way to talk about breaking news.

BBC+IGTV (1).png

ENTREPRENEURS - Key thought leaders in every field are using IGTV to talk about their brands and launch innovative content. @GaryVee is great for motivational content and @Kinoyoga is a perfect example of the yoga entrepreneurs on the platform.



1.  Optimize Videos for IGTV - This means that you should shoot them in vertical format and they should be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes (1 hour limit for verified accounts). I personally favor shorter videos and adding captions for higher engagement rates.


2.  Make sure that your videos have a purpose - Define the purpose beforehand. Perhaps you are launching a new product and want to show the "behind the scenes" of production. Or you could have a new sale - this is also great content for a video. Just make sure that you define the purpose of the video beforehand, that way filming will run smoothly.


3.  Instagram TV is more like Youtube than anything else, so treat it that way - Try to create viral content, don't make it TOO long, and know that users are meant to interact with it like they would on Youtube, meaning they favor tutorials, music videos, and professional advice in a concise manner. The great thing about IGTV is that as it is new, not many brands are using it to their advantage, so videos can potentially reach a larger audience than on a Youtube channel.


4.  Have fun with it! - Even if you are running a serious B2B company, use IGTV as a time to show off your brand personality. Why not interview your CEO or talk to someone on the design team to give your customers a different point of view about your product creation? Videos should be fun and interactive, and there are ways to do this even for technical SaaS products.




Have you already implemented your IGTV channel? Feel free to comment your feedback below.


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Kimberly Afonso